Brunch Menu

Soup of the day $4.5

A daily made soup

Warm Vegetable Salad $9

roasted red bliss potatoes, parsnips and brussel sprouts, with crisp apple and parmesan creme fraiche

Smoked Whitefish Salad $12.5

smoked whitefish salad over mixed greens tossed in a vinaigrette served with sliced baguette

Frittata $12

open faced omelet with a spinach amd mushroom saute topped with a goat cheese cream sauce and served with homefries and breakfast sausage

Escargot Stuffed French Toast $14

traditional french toast stuffed with a pinenut, spinach and escargot cream cheese topped with a creamy goat cheese sauce served with homefries*

Chicken and Waffles $10

pulled chicken in gravy over house made waffles served with homefries*

Southern Crab and Biscuit $11.5

crabmeat in a bechamel sauce over housemade pepperjack biscuit served with homefries*

Breakfast Burger $11

Local ground beef cooked to your liking topped with Conebella cheddar, smoked bacon and a fried egg served with hand cut fries

Shrimp and Grits $15.5

Shrimp, tasso ham, garlic, scallions, butter and a splash of cream over a fried cheddar grit cake

Asparagus Panini $10.5

roasted asparagus, double cream brie and truffle aioli served with hand cut fries

Mushroom Toast $9

Saute mushrooms in a mustard sauce on sourdough toast topped with a fresh fried egg

Mussels $9

Prince Edward Island mussels in a thai red curry sauce served with baguette

Pulled Pork Sandwich $9.5

Slow-cooked pork butt on a lightly toasted crusty white roll with your choice of sauce and served with cole slaw and hand cut fries

Maple Bacon Waffle $11

maple bacon waffle topped with chocolate mousse and drizzled with a white chocolate ganache served with homefries*

Skillet Baked Eggs $12.5

three eggs, tasso ham, spinach and caramelized shallot served in a skillet with homefries*

Eggs Benedict $10

poached eggs, ham and classic hollandaise on an english muffin with homefries*


Bacon $2

Local dry cured smoked pork belly

Breakfast Sausage $2

Housemade local pork sausage patties made with maple, apple and onions

Scrapple $2

Everything but the oink

Pepper Jack Biscuit $1.5

Housemade local pepper jack biscuit

Seasonal Fresh Fruit $3.5

Home Fries $2

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